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Elidel International (USA), is a subsidiary of Elidel Prestige Ltd (Ghana), and boasts a distinguished legacy of over 15 years specializing in global recruitment. Our relentless commitment to matching exceptional talent with strategic roles has established us as a trusted partner for diverse companies, transcending geographical boundaries to drive innovation and empower businesses worldwide”.

Elidel International was founded by George Ayebah, a distinguished leader in Human Resources, recruitment, immigration, and organizational development, Elidel International is backed by decades of experience in consulting for both public and private sector enterprises. George’s expertise lies in leveraging technology within the staffing industry. He leads cross-functional teams encompassing procurement, recruitment, and business development resources across Ghana, the U.S., and other regions. This amalgamation of international recruitment prowess with proprietary staffing and business consultancy solutions forms the core of Elidel International’s approach. George’s strategic vision centers on risk mitigation, attrition reduction, and substantial cost savings, providing companies seeking to enhance staff and optimize operations with a path to successful scaling.

Elidel International has earned certification and membership from several reputable organizations within the United States. Notably, we are affiliated with esteemed entities like the Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce and Miami DADE – Regional Chamber of Commerce. In addition, our accreditations encompass Minority/Women Business Enterprise (MWBE), Micro Business Enterprise (Micro), and the State of Florida Minority Business Certification among others.

With a proud history spanning over 15 years, we remain dedicated to ethical service, maintaining transparent candidate networks and value chains, and upholding principles of integrity and equality in the process of resource identification, selection, and alignment. What truly sets us apart is our flagship expertise in delivering companies with candidates who seamlessly embrace company cultures, exhibit unwavering commitment to performance, and assure remarkably low attrition rates.

Elidel collaborates with clients spanning various industries and revenue scales, bolstering their expansion initiatives either via staff augmentation or leveraging our strategically positioned business consultancy hubs. Through Elidel’s business consultancy solutions, organizations at every growth phase gain the ability to establish well-structured customer service, IT, marketing, and sales operations manned by experienced professionals, all guided by our adept customer experience team.

Elidel International stands as a steadfast growth ally for job seekers aiming to align their skills with the perfect employer, and for clients pursuing expansion through our unique and flexible recruitment services.

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Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce

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Miame DADE – Regional Chamber of Commerce

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