Business Consultancy Solutions

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Business Advisory Services

  • Whether you’re launching a startup or steering an established enterprise, we guide you through essential business regulatory compliances, seamless business registration, and the acquisition of all necessary statutory licenses and permits for your successful business operations in Africa.

    In partnership with our affiliates at, we deliver top-tier business advisory services tailored to startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as multinational corporations.

Business Registration

  • Leveraging on our relationship with our partners at the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), The Registrar General’s Department, under the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General to facilitate the registration of all kinds of businesses.


    Elidel provides market entry assistance for investors with specific market insight, to support them in making the right investment decisions, finding the right strategic partners and deals, and helping them gain a deeper understanding of specific industries/sectors in Ghana and West Africa.

    These include areas in;

    • Research and feasibility studies
    • Business development
    • Competitor analysis
    • Market Profiling and Introduction
    • Pricing analysis
    • Project management
    • Corporate introductions and meeting coordination
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Government Relations

  • A critical area of our professional support is building a strong relationship with government authorities and the sensitization of key stakeholders to keep them aligned to your project objectives and to get them socially and culturally involved from commencement through implementation to ensure its sustainability after you exit.

Expatriate Relocation Assistance

  • With our local partners, we create a seamless and stress-free experience for assignees, corporate, individuals, and their families to integrate into Ghana’s environment. Our system is well-established structurally and coordinates to assist you with all relocation solutions tailored to your objectives and budget.

    We understand all the challenges and anxiety with moving to a new country but be rest assured that we make sure your safety and comfortability are well catered for. We ensure that you feel at home even though you are away from home.

Human Resources and Training

  • Your one-stop for all your Human Resources solutions. With several years in the HR industry, we have comprehensive employment solutions that will help you focus on your business whiles we take care of all your human resources needs. We will help you increase operational efficiency, reduce risk and legal liabilities and maximize the talents in your organization.

    Some of these solutions include;

    • PEO Services
    • Offshore Outsourcing Services
    • Training Development
How to Do Payroll And Avoid Mistakes

Business and Leisure Travel

  • Our incentive travel helps businesses boost sales, productivity, loyalty, and morale by awarding top performers with a luxury trip getaway to Africa whiles exposing them to various business opportunities on the continent.

    On the other hand, our leisure travel excels with vacations for individuals, families, or honeymooners who want to explore or experience the rich culture, adventure, and history of Africa.

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Elidel International can customize business consultancy solutions to align with specific customer needs, whether these are to expand a specialized business operation, provide traditional customer management, billing and financial operations, tech support or IT service development.

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