Elidel International has a proprietary funnel of qualified candidates ready for customer review, and access to vast networks of associated recruiters to expand our portfolios, giving clients unprecedented access to qualified, verified multicultural candidates with the right skills.

What we provide:

Executive Search

Impacting a positive change in today’s business means that you are making the right executive appointments which is more critical than ever.

We focus on building leadership teams that are passionate about what your company does as you are. Our understanding of your unique executive recruitment requirements allows us to develop a suitable profile for your firm.

We are experts in engaging high achievers who are motivated, interested in growing your company and creating mutually beneficial outcomes. With our extensive processes, we are able to research candidates, market open positions, and guide selected candidates through each process.

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Permanent Placement

Build your forever team with our permanent placement solutions. We make sure to recruit the right candidate who truly has the skills and qualities required. Our experienced talent recruiters will work closely with you to thoroughly understand the needs of your business and find the right talent to grow your business. If you’re looking for experienced candidates who align with your company’s culture and long-term goals, permanent placement is a cost-effective and efficient solution that takes the stress and uncertainty out of the hiring process. 

Temporary Placement

Your first choice for temporary workers; from urgent cover to planned project work. Our highly trained recruitment specialists meet, reference and assess all our temporary candidates to get you the right support when you need it. We build a flexible workforce in each of our specialist sectors across various industries. We have the passion & expertise to help you find the right candidates that fit your temporary schedules.

Temporary to Permanent Placement

You sometimes need the flexibility to try-before-you-hire, or time to ramp up new employees. Recruiting for short- or long-term assignments can also end in a permanent placement with your company. Our temp-to-perm placement help ease the transition of the staff in your company and allows the employer to see what the worker can do within the employment engagement.
Companies drive success and are passionate to employ people who can offer more, not less. That’s why we believe in finding candidates who fit their character and ambition, as well as their skills.

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